Ordering & Collection


Ordering online - Once you have placed your order via the website - you will receive an order confirmation, after this you will then receive an email notifying you  that your order is ready for collection - allow 8 - 48 hours notice.  We can usually make curries quicker if you have specific requirements please enter them in the notes comments to us box on order submission. Meals will be frozen unless otherwise specified.

Please also note we always have most curries available in store at all times 

Deliveries  - Currently we do not deliver, However we can sometimes deliver freezer packs.   Email us with your requirements for further information regarding this.


Once you have received your Email confirming your order is ready.  Come and collect it from the store freezer - order will be marked with your order number.  For any extras such as bread, rice, etc which are not suitable for freezer your order will have a note to collect the add on bag and will be marked with your order details on the counter area.


Cooking/Heating & Storage

Our meals are frozen ready to take home.  They will keep frozen in a cool box or insulated wrap for up to 6 hours.


Most of our meals are frozen ready to be heated from frozen in an conventional oven. Instructions on the pack.  Most meals are ready to eat within 40 minutes from being placed in a pre-heated oven.  We use different types of containers please check before cooking. Some of our dishes can only be cooked in a conventional oven for best results such as Pakora. Check actual meal carton label.  All of our dishes can be transferred from their container to a suitable container to the type of cooking method you wish to use.

Microwave Containers

Not suitable for conventional oven, remove and transfer to a suitable container before cooking. Remove outer sleeve, loosen lid. Microwave on full power for 12-15 minutes stir occasionally during this time. (for best results use defrost setting first for 5 minutes). (do not use plastic containers in a conventional oven)

Aluminium Containers

Check instructions on the carton - Loosen lid and  place in a pre-heated oven set to 180 c (gas 6) for 40-45 minutes.    For Microwave container dishes loosen the lid and cook on full power for 12-15 minutes, stir at half way point. For best results use defrost setting first. Do not use aluminium containers in a microwave


ECO Containers

made from sugar cane, are freezer,oven, & microwave proof, and fully compost able.

Always check that your meal is piping hot throughout before serving.

Defrosting - Meals can be defrosted in a fridge.  Contents can them be heated in their own trays in an conventional oven, transferred to a microwave dish or pan for re-heating as required. 


Meals should be kept frozen until use.  They can be stored up to Best Before date frozen. 


Once defrosted  - DO NOT REFREEZE. 

Meals can be kept defrosted in a fridge for up to 1-2 days. 



Allergy Advice


Our meals/products are made in an environment that uses some or all of the 14 listed allergens as stated by the "Food Standards Agency Guide" in particular shellfish, crustaceans, fish oil, Oats, celery,  dairy,cream, butter, pulses, milk, Soya, mustard, Tree Nuts, (including peanuts) Seeds (including Sesame), Eggs, wheat,cereals containing gluten,

We can unfortunately give no 100% guarantees of non cross contamination unless made to order with specific instructions as advised in writing between customer and us.  Therefore if you have a serious allergy or any allergen concern DO NOT consume any of our food without further advice.

To aid your choices  meal cartons have a list of ingredients as a guide only with known allergens used highlighted in bold.  If the list is not on the carton for any reason then please ask for further advice if required before consuming.

For specific advice on individual meals please email us we are more than happy to help if you have any concerns. 

We can usually make meals to order that have specific requirements allow up to 14 - 28 days for this service, due to our limited kitchen size we have to clean down the entire kitchen including staff clothing etc which is quite costly and time consuming given our limited resources. 

We thank you for your understanding on this matter.

Vegetarian meals are made using Vegetable Ghee and have no meat products.

We use butter, Ghee, & vegetable Ghee in our cooking.

Black Rock Curries, in particular uses the items highlighted in red on the known common allergens




(advised by Food Standards Agency)

There are 14 major allergens which are recognised by the FSA to which consumers should be aware of below is a list of them. 


BLACK ROCK curries, Inverinan, PA35 1HH

Produces and stores food in an environment which uses some or all of listed allergens and can not guarantee 100% they are not included. A detailed list of ingredients are listed on each product we make with KNOWN allergens highlighted in BOLD. We have also highlighted below in red items we commonly use in our food and premises.

For specific advice on meal content please always email for further advice in writing before consuming if you have any concerns. 


CELERY - includes stalks,leaves,seeds and root (celeriac). Celery salt.


CEREALS – most cereals contain gluten


CRUSTACEANS – crabs,prawns,lobster,shrimp, scampi,fish oil.


EGGS – dried, fresh and cooked, including glazed bakery.


FISH – fish oil, fresh & sea water fish.


LUPIN – a flower found in flour, bread,pastries & pasta.


MILK – dried and fresh, butter, cheese, cream,yoghurt.


MOLLUSCS – snails,mussels,squid,whelks, oyster sauce


MUSTARD – in any form very common in curry sauces.


NUTS – tree nuts of any kind , including almonds, cashews, coconut. Nut oil.


PEANUTS –  these are a ground nut. common use Nut oil.


SESAME SEEDS –  commonly used in curry inc (sesame oil)


SOYA – bean , common in chilli dips, miso soya protein.


SULPHUR DIOXIDE – (sulphites) used in dried fruit, soft drinks, wine.


Please order and pay on-line via this website. 

We accept credit card, debit card, Contact-less & BACS, and Paypal in store & on-line  If you are not transferred to your chosen payment page we will send you a link to pay after order has been received.  We will have received your order if you have received a confirmation copy yourself this is automatic.

We can also accept cash or cheques in store. Make Cheques payable to Black Rock

Our Ethos

We pay detailed attention to our meals to ensure the best quality which ensures our meals are of outstanding taste every time we cook.  All our meals are made to hand-created recipes some of which have been handed down to us over generations.  They are home-made on the premises by our own expert chef David Gill who has years 35 of Asian cooking experience behind him which making our curries truly unique and authentic.

Our ingredients are sourced from the best quality suppliers, most of them locally.  We use fresh vegetables at all times in meals that can subtly alter the taste very slightly depending on the season. Our meals use butter ghee unless vegetarian where we use vegetable ghee. We do not use cooking oil in our food.

Water- as we make our meals in the beautiful hills of Argyll in Scotland we are not able to use water from our own private springs and as a result use bottled water only in our cooking so the taste is not affected by water quality issues.

Our spices are all freshly ground on a meal-by-meal basis. 

We grow some of our own chillies, herbs and vegetables to use in some of our dishes when ever we can.

Meat cuts used are always the finest quality.

including "Crannog Bay" Scotish Lamb & Mutton grown locally in Inverinan.

Carton Guide

Colour coded Guide

All our cartons are are colour coded as above to help identify the basic content of the dish. 

e.g. Vegetarian dishes are in GREEN

Pot Luck

Pot Luck Section

Pot Luck Section


If you are n to sure what you want to order and just want to pop in and see what we have in stock but want to pay online choose this option to buy a  meal from us choose this option and bring in your receipt with you and choose from what's in-store.  Handy for paying on-line and collecting from our store when you feel like it but don't know what you want or when you might pop in.   (bring your on-line receipt with you).


Choose amounts to pay from drop down box.

Find this section under House Curries


All our meal portions are very generous including sides and starters and classed as regular.


Main Meals are generous single portion  will generally do 1 - 2 people

Sides & starters are also single portions.


We also make special combinations and other sizes to order email us with your requirements.