Starters & appetisers. 

Delicious way to start your meal, buy as starter or just to add as a side dish.  Chose one FREE dipping sauce with these dishes - make your selection from the drop down box.  Extra dips and sauces are available in the 'Sides and Dips' section as priced therein. 

Onion Bahji

Item 02
Crispy fried onions wrapped in savoury batter, comes with free dip of your choice, choose from drop down box.  Single portion

Vegetable Samosa

Item 03

Traditional samosa parcels stuffed with mixed vegetables from seasonally available. Comes with free dip of your choice. Choose dip from drop down box


Tandoori Chicken

Item 05

Two to three large chicken thighs on the bone depending on size of traditionally marinated and roasted chicken.  Comes on bed of onions and peppers


Chicken Pakora


Chicken bites wrapped in savoury batter. comes with free dip of your choice from drop down box

Vegetable Pakora

Vegetable Pakora
Vegetable pakora pieces, enough for one , comes with free dip of your choice