House Curry's



House 01

Korma curry, creamy dish with almonds very rich sauce. Mild Spicy. Regular portion.


Chicken, Beef, Vegetable, Lamb or Prawn.


House 06

Medium hot curry made using green chillies, peppers, tomato onions. Regular Portion. 

Choose from Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Prawn, or vegetable see drop down box








House 08

Very hot curry made with whole chillies, and potatoes.  Note that our chicken vindaloo dish uses boned chicken thigh meat as well as breast to improve the rustic traditional flavour.   Choose from chicken, or beef.   Regular Portion



House 05

Medium to hot curry, thick tomato-based sauce with green peppers and onion.  

Regular Portion

Traditionally served with chapatis, and or naan bread, not included.

Choose from Chicken, Lamb or prawn



House 04

Similar sauce to a Balti but Medium hot chunky  tomatoes and peppers, dry sauce, 

Choose from Chicken,Beef, Lamb, Vegetable, or Prawn.

Regular Portion


Rogan Josh

House 03

Medium hot with onions, tomatoes, peppers, and whole spices which include cardamom, cloves,bay leaves & cinnamon in dry sauce, available with chicken,lamb,beef or prawn

Note this dish can contain whole spices such as cinnamon bark.

Regular Portion

Chicken Masala

House 02

A house special signature dish.  This dish is mild and rich with marinated tandoori spiced tikka chicken breast, yoghurt,cream, chillies,  tomatoes and peppers. 

Regular Portion