Rice, Bread, Chapatis


Naan Bread


Choose flavour from drop down box.  Most of our naan's come ready packed with enough for 4 people per pack so are great value. Can be eaten straight out the pack. Large Packs will be enough for 2 - 4 people. Small Packs 1 - 4.

Serving suggestion -  brushed or spread bread with butter and dry fried in a large pan or grill for a few minutes just before serving. See instructions on pack.



Pack of 5+ chuppati's enough for 2 - 4 people. Price per pack

Heat at home in a microwave or dry fry or grill for a few minutes.



1 x Pack of eight ready to eat poppadoms.  For best results grill or heat for a few minutes before serving.



Choose style/flavour from drop down box

Rice deal 2 for £1.75 discount applied after order 


Regular portion.

Mini Poppadum Crisps

mini poppadum crisps ideal with our dips great value or 2 packs of £1.00