Desserts & Drinks


Ice Cream Tub

Home Made Ice Cream Tubs

Home made Tubs of black rock  Ice Cream made in store, Choose flavour from drop down box. Find them in the freezer


 (tubs are generous 8oz portion).


Cheese cake


Home made large portion of home-made cheesecake.  Choose Flavour from drop down box. Packaging may vary.  Two people can share this dessert or just eat it all yourself ! With a hand crushed biscuit base and rich creamy topping. 

Baked Puddings

Pudding Bakes (for sharing)

Traditional and new home made puddings, large portion to eat yourself or share made here frozen to take and heat at home.  See options for choice

Sweet Selection

Our home-made traditional and unusual sweets available in store £1.90 per min 160 grams in weight per pack per type.  Popular as locally made gift.

Selection of home-made traditional Scottish and Indian sweets and cakes





We have a small selection of canned and bottled drinks available in store to go with your meals. Choose from drop down box.



Bottled Water


Choose from either still or sparkling single bottles of water