Other Dishes


Chilli Con Carne

Non Curry Dish

Chilli Beef Con Carne.  Minced beef rich with tomato, fresh chillies, kidney and cannelloni beans. Very hot. Regular Portion


Bean Curry

Special 61

Similar to  a chilli con carne but made only with mixed beans , this dish is suitable for vegetarians and is hot; Large Portion £5.00


Fish Pie


Fish pie with cod, salmon, smoked haddock and prawns smothered in a rich white fish sauce with peas; topped with fresh  mashed potatoes.

Regular Portion, very generous portion packed with fish.


Sweet & Sour Chicken


Sweet and sour chicken breast meat in a sticky sweet  sauce hot with red chillies and sour from added pineapple chunks, crunchy onions and red peppers. Large Portion £4.50