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We can prepare a boxed selection of meals for home freezer's upon request.  Email us with your requirements and further details and advice. 


Banquet Trays

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Choose this option if you want a very large tray of one single dish from our ranges, the tray will do approx 8 - 10 regular portions.  The curry will be ONE type per tray and usually be frozen in a large oven tray unless specified otherwise which will then require to be fully  defrosted before heating/cooking and doubles as a serving dish.  For curies available in this size please see drop down box.   £29.99 per tray choose House Curry type & style or one of our special curries, some special curries have a small additional charge depending on content  Biryani comes in a large tray and can only be collected refrigerated due to being decorated with hard boiled egg and separate sauce.


Starters we currently offer a large tray of mixed veg & chicken pakora, veg samosa's and onion bhaji of min of 60 assorted pieces (no dips included) . Dips are extra and priced for large junbo sharing pots.