Terms  & Conditions


1.  If you have any issues with any of our products please return them to our store with full details of the problem including your contact details.

2. Our terms are strictly payment pro forma basis.

3. We welcome suggestions for meals that are not currently available.

4. Weights quoted for meals are approximate but will never be less weight that the stated weight. 

5. We do not offer specific allergy advice on our products, and have noted that we use shellfish, and nuts in our premises.

6. Vegetarian dishes are vegetable dishes and will contain no meat products unless otherwise stated.

7.  UK Law is the recognised law used in any of our business literature and or otherwise

8.  Our store is open most days a week unless otherwise stated. 

9. If we delivery you will have to be in to receive your order otherwise we can not take responsibility for the condition of it.

10. Our website displays served suggestions of our dishes and is not necessarily show how the dish will appear when you purchase it.  Our dishes are all packed in heat proof dishes ready to heat at home.

11.Payment links and credit cards, your payment will come via payment server "Northern Lights, one stop candles shop our sister company).  

12. Photographs taken using phones, camera's etc on the premises of, staff,  private property or property surrounding the premises are strictly prohibited without express permission from the proprietors. Any imagery which has not been given permission found in the media, internet or otherwise may be prosecuted using any appropriate copyright and privacy laws.

13. Children must be supervised at all times by an adult.  Please do not wander out-with the roped/fenced off areas without consent due to the heavy building work and other un-attended items on the property, we can not be held responsible for any injury or otherwise caused by being in an unauthorised area of the property. In particular there are large ponds, steep banking, and wind fallen trees around the area.  

13a. Animals, in particular dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and are not allowed in the shop or on the property out with the front of the shop area. We have provided a bowl of water for dogs and they can be tied to the hand rails up above the shop area for a short period if required, i.e if its too hot to leave them in a car. We have free range hens and cats on the premises.  Thank you.

14. Please exercise the appropriate precautions when moving around the premises and surround property, paths and rails have been provided with adequate lighting in the authorised areas but do allow for the fact we are in a remote location which may suffer from debris, water, snow,  Ice, stones etc from the surrounding areas. 

15. There is a large parking area opposite the property.  We are not responsible for vehicles left unattended at any time parking is free and there is plenty around the area to choose from. If your vist will be during hours of darkness please bring a torch to use if required. 

16. If using any of the walk ways, seating areas, including ones provided on our own premises please dispose of your litter in bins provided, and exercise the country code. 

17. Please note store is usually  open 10.00am - 10.00pm, it closes and opens on the dot to these times automatically, therefore please ensure you are not in the store out-with these times. If you need assistance please ring the bell in the store. Allow time either side of these times to complete your transactions etc. Thank you.

18. If you have any issues with any of our food pleae quote the batch number and type of meal and email us with the information.