Special Curries

These dishes are generally made in our larger ECO cartons priced accordingly



Special  38

Rich fresh very hot dish with tomatoes, onions and lots of fresh green chillies.  Available with Chicken only.

Regular Portion,


Garlic Chilli Chicken Curry

Special 31

A speciality curry made from our own family recipe A family recipe.  Rich dish packed with chicken thigh meat.  Hot with green chillies, peppers, garlic, turmeric, fenugreek seeds, and tomatoes in a rich butter hot garlic sauce. 

Regular Portion


Thai Green Chicken Curry


Hot Thai green curry with chicken, lemon grass, garlic, lime, ginger and coconut. Chicken

Regular portion 



Special 34

Pasanda,  A rich creamy curry, similar to a Korma - but a bit more spicy with tender meat marinated.  A Black Rock Speciality Dish. This dish used British tender beef, and spring lamb leg steaks.

Regular portion


Gosht (Lamb Methi)


A traditional curry.  Tender chunks of lamb in a rich hot sauce, using fenugreek, methi leaves, green chillies, tomatoes and onions. 

Regular portion




This is a speciality dish taking time to prepare, comprising succulent meat (Lamb or Chicken) in a fragrant vegetable and rice mix and served with a vegetable curry sauce (Madras hot).  Available in single portion size only. It will serve one person. Served with coriander and mini egg omelet.

Note this dish is best when defrosted fully first then microwaved to prevent rice from drying out. (but can be heated in the oven also)

Choose from Chicken or Lamb, 




Special 47

Similar to a Masaala sauce with lots of extra green chilli,  it very hot, creamy rich sauce. Chicken or Lamb


Whole Tandoori Chicken


One whole large chicken , "a black rock speciality" marinated and roasted in special blend of spices.  Can be eaten hot or cold once defrosted.  Ideal as a sharing starter served with Raita or for a picnic. Whole chicken medium size.

Will do 4 - 5 people , Delicious with raita


Fish Curry


A fresh and vibrant curry.  Mild curry using fresh seasonally available white fish from cod, & or haddock, De boned fillets only are used. Light spicy. Garnished with sliced lemon. Regular Portion


Lemon Chilli Chicken


Chicken breast meat in a rich hot chilli and lemon sauce ; Regular