Medium hot lentil-based curry with sweet and sour flavour of added pineapple.  Available as chicken only.  Regular Portion



One of our own family recipes made to introduce those new to the world of curry.  A light, fragrant slightly sweet dish with a touch of chilli heat.  This dish is packed with vegetables and chicken in a smooth sauce.   Available as chicken only.  Regular Portion



Tarka Dhal


Lentil curry with lots of butter, garlic and chillies, Regular Portion

Bean Curry


Similar to  a chilli con carne but made only with mixed beans , this dish is suitable for vegetarians and is hot; Regular Portion


Hara Martar

Green Pea curry , green dried and fresh peas cooked roughly in tomatoes, garlic, and a little chilli, mildly hot .  Delicious eaten as a curry with bread or as a side. Suitable for vegetarians Regular Portion

Saag Aloo


Rich potato and spinach curry, suitable for vegetarians and or as a side

regular portion